Re: Sansui Receiver 551 output power wattage

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Posted by BeatleFred on October 10, 2003 at 14:15:34:

In Reply to: Re: Sansui Receiver 551 output power wattage posted by Watzisnehm on October 10, 2003 at 11:32:38:

The rms average value is not 1/2 of the peak-to-peak value when it comes to ac electrical signals-its a bit more complex than your false assumption that you can just take 1/2 and call it the average. You have to take into account various relationships between voltage, current, impedance and Power, in which they do not interact with each other in a linear manner, as well as an ac signal being sinusoidal in nature- but thats going beyond the scope of your problem and it requires some Electronics & Math knowledge to have a better understanding of.

I dont think that you're doing anything to excess with either your receiver or speaker that would be making them operate beyond their limits. It would be helpful if you had another receiver (or amplifier) and another pair of speakers (maybe you can try out from a friend/relative?) and swap between the them to see if its the 551 that is causing the problem or the Jensen speakers.

Since you say your speakers are new, then its more likely that the problem is the 551 since it is close to being 30 years old. Perhaps the 551, due to its age, might need to have some transistors replaced and /or some leaky capacitors as well.

You didnt really elaborate on what the problem sounds like when you turn the volume up- is it very distorted?, is it heard on both speakers, or just the left or right?, do you have headphones that you can try and see if you get the same poor sound as you do thru the speakers?, what are you listening to- a cd player, a turntable, a casette deck?? Did you check to make sure all of your cables are connected securely, and have you moved the knobs and switches around on the 551?- they might be a bit noisy if they have accumulated some filth over time, is the 551 clean on the inside or is there alot of dust? What is the previous ownership history of the 551- has it been used regularly or has it been sitting inactive for a long time?


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