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Posted by Damon on October 15, 2003 at 19:28:15:

In Reply to: Re: What does a preamp and poweramp do?... posted by BeatleFred on October 15, 2003 at 18:48:09:

: Well, first of all- what is the situation regarding the speakers? How did things with go with my putting you in touch with the Infinity Quantum 4 seller? You probably will hear the most significant difference in sound quality when you upgrade your speakers, moreso than changing amplifiers, so if you havent gotten a good pair of speakers yet you might want to do that first and then see about the tube amp.

: Not all receivers have a separable pre-power amp section but the G-9000 does. You would hook up the preamp to the G9000's power amp very simply- just connect the left & right channel cables from the outputs of the preamp to the Main In's of the G-9000 (when you do this, you then bypass the G-9000's and are using the other preamp to drive the G-9000's power amp section.) When you do this, you no longer use the Volume control of the G-9000 nor any of its switches to select whatever you'll be listening to- be it cd player, turntable, tape deck, etc... All those things now get connected to the other preamp and you use that preamp to control the volume level and switch between the things you'll be listening to. The speaker cables get connected to the G-9000's speaker terminals.

: Ps- The Main In's on the G-9000 should be located right next to the Pre Out Jacks. You would use the PreOuts if you wanted to use the G-9000 as a preamp to drive another power amp, though at 160 Watts, I dont see why a G-9000 would be demoted to use as just a preamp.

: B/F

BeatleFred Thanks for responding. The Quantum 4 conection never got in touch with me? So, I bid on a pair of Infinity RSb and won! paid 150, hope thats a good deal? Probably will receive next week some time looking forward to hearing what the sound like. If the Quantum 4 conection still wants to sell I am still intrested.
Thanks so much for the info about the pre and power amps. I have played the guitar for many years and the diferance in sound from a tube amp compaired to a solid state amp realy is not compairable. The tube amp has so much more wormth and depth..... So I was thinking about trying to add some of that tube magic to my stereo system. But don't Know how?
Why cant I use a tube power amp with the G-9000s pre amp? Is that possable?
I do love the G-9000 so maybe this thinking is a bit crazy? Maby I should build a seperit tube system. But I realy dont know where to start?
Anyway sorry about the rambling,
Thanks again Damon

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