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Posted by Damon on October 16, 2003 at 22:28:36:

In Reply to: Re: What does a preamp and poweramp do?... posted by BeatleFred on October 15, 2003 at 21:06:05:

: Hi Damon:

: I play guitar as well so Ive heard about the 'ol tube vs solid state issue. I will send a reminder to the person with the Q4's, I dont know why he hasnt contacted you yet. I am familiar with the RSb's- I have a pair of Qb's which is the model that came out before the RSb and I like the Qb's alot. I think if the RSb's you are getting are in good condition (the parts are the originals and so forth) then for the money you paid you will have made a good buy. I suggest that you first get them, hook them up to the G-9000 and then see how the combination sounds. If you think it still needs some warmth, then you can start to think about perhaps getting a tube preamp. I didnt say that you couldnt use a tube premap with the G-9000. You can use just about any preamp and hook it up to the G-9000. And when you do that (by connecting the other preamp to the G-9000's Main In inputs), you will then bypass the preamp thats in the G-9000. You dont use both preamps simultaneously, you only need one preamp. An alternative would be to get something like a Sansui AX-7 which is a very cool device- you can plug up to 3 different preamps to it and switch between them to drive the G-9000's power amp. The benefit of the AX-7 is that you can do the switching between the different preamps without having to move the cables around everytime for the particular preamp you wanted to select to drive the G-9000 power amp. You can check Ebay- a few AX-7's show up from time to time, I have 3 of them. They look sharp in black to match models like the Sansui AU-717 amp, TU-717 tuner. Another cool thing- you can plug your electric guitar into the AX-7 and it has reverb, so the AX-7 is a very cool unit.

: B/F

The Guitar is a great fun. I make my living teaching guitar and piano and giging when I can. I have always been a big Fender fan. I have a few vintage strats and a few Vintage Fender TUBE amps which I prize above all my other equpment. Blues has been my first love and has prity much stayed that way over the years.
I have just started corasponding with the Q4 conection. Thanks for the intriduction.
The Sansui AX-7 sounds like a great idea and yes there are two on ebay now! Do you have any suggestions for pre amps, Tube or solid state? I realy have no edujucation on the subject.
Will let you know how the RSb's sound when I hook them up.
Thanks again

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