Re: Help! I can't copy a tape!!! :-)

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Posted by BeatleFred on May 27, 2003 at 20:26:15:

In Reply to: Help! I can't copy a tape!!! :-) posted by Eileen on May 27, 2003 at 13:36:56:

Usually with these dual decks, there is a button labeled 'Dubbing' somewhere on the front panel. I would try and proceed by putting your original tape in the left side compartment and putting a blank tape on the right. My guess is that if you have a Dubbing button on the D-95WR and you press it to activate it, the cassettes in both compartments will automatically start moving and the music thats playing in the left compartment will be recorded onto the blank in the right compartment. Or if its not labled Dubbing, you need to look for some type of button labeled A>B or something similar to that. The basic idea is the left side plays the tape and the right side needs to be activated with some button to make it start recording. If there seems to be no provision for automatic operation, then try pressing a playback button on the left side and a record button on the right- or press both play and record buttons on the right at the same time. Obviously, you will know if you are successful when you play back the blank tape and see the meters moving on the deck (indicating there is music on the tape now, and you hear the music. I presume you know how to connect the Sansui cassette to your stereo receiver? (you need to connect the Output Jacks, left and right in the back of the Sansui deck to the to the left and right Playback jacks on the back of your stereo. And you also connect cables between the Input jacks on the back of the deck left and right, to the back of the stereo's Rec jacks. (These type of cables are called RCA cables and are very common- easy to get at Radio Shack for example) Some stereo's have a Tape 1 and Tape 2 set of jacks- thus you can connect two separate tape machines to it if you had two of them that you wanted to use. In your case, with just one dual deck- you can choose either Tape 1 or Tape 2 to connect- either one, it doesnt matter. Just rememeber that when you want to hear the music on the casette- to turn the function selector switch on the front of the stereo to either Tape 1 or Tape 2 (depeneding on which conection you chose)- otherwise, if you forget and the function switch is selected to Aux for example, you'll see the meters moving on the casette deck but hear no sound - unless perhaps you can connect headphones directly into your cassette deck if the deck has a headphone jack. The Aux input by the way stands for Auxiliary and this is usually the place where you'd connect a cd player into your stereo. I hope this Info is helpful- dont be afraid to try the deck out- I'm sure you with just a little trying on your part, you can make a copy of that tape.

Sincerely, B/F.

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