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Re: 9090db

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Posted by Sten on December 25, 2004 at 00:50:03:

In Reply to: 9090db posted by Daryl on December 24, 2004 at 19:25:36:

: I bought my 9090db in 1978 brabd new. It has entertained many loud rock and roll parties over the years and blew up even more speakers over the years, and I still love it.

: Lately however, I have run into some problems:

: 1. The sound on left side is not as loud as on the right side. The channel read out meter even looks like the output is lacking on the left. I took it in and had some "professional" fix it but while it is a little better, it is still not equal.

: Q: What is wrong and can it be fixed?

: 2. The sound would cut out sometimes and I could get it to cut back in if I rocked either the dolby or selector switch. I thought this problem could be solved by cleaning the switches. The shop did something and it worked for a while, but the same problem is back and now it is worse than before.

: Q: What is wrong and can it be fixed?

: 3. In trying to fix #2, I think the shop disconected the dolby completely because when I put it in dolby mode using the switch, the sound does not change. The excuse they gave me was that we can't notice dolby anymore because CD's, radio stations and tapes don't use it any more.

: Q: Is this true or just a bunch of bull? It has been a while, but I thought that when I used the dolby fm slection, the sound changed slightly.

: 4. When I put the dolby selction on 'fm' or 'play' should I not be able to adjust the volume with the 'play cal' knob? (Again, it has been a while but I thought this was a feature).

: 5. The left channel comes in louder when I push the mono button in.

: A: What is wrong with this?

: I have a few other gremlins popping up lately like when the tape button is pushed in and the tape is playing, the radion is still playing through thte speakers in the back ground. Is my old bueaty just giving up the ghost or should I spend anouth $250 to have someone else fix it up?

: Any info someone might have would be grately appreciated. I feel I can't trust the repair people.

: Great sight, by the way.

: Daryl

Hi Daryl
I guess you can find most of your questions if you do a search for 9090db in another forum exclusively for Sansui. See link

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