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Re: Au 217 II amp and pc connection

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Posted by Sten on November 23, 2004 at 04:25:16:

In Reply to: Re: Au 217 II amp and pc connection posted by andy anon on November 23, 2004 at 02:11:14:

Hi again Andy
The Tape Mon Switch overrides front selector (aux, phono etc) If you have a signal connected to Tape Play and Tape Mon switch on you should her that signal n your speakers. Thatīs what I mean. You can check if you have some fault in the switch by temporary connect your CD Player to Tape Play and switch on Tape Mon. If you then can hear music from CD the Tape Mon Switch is OK and you have to check if you get a signal from your sound cards output or if something wrong with the connecting wires.

: : : Hi Andy
: : : First of all. Your amp do have a Tape Monitor Switch located at the right of Loudness Switch. When ON the source connected to TAPE IN at the rear is going to your Speaker Output. Connect your soundcard output to TAPE IN and connect your soundcard input to TAPE REC. Connect your CD Player to AUX. It should work.

: : : : I am trying to connect my soundcard from my pc to the amp so that I can play music on the pc and listen via my HI Fi speaker. I would also like to be able to record from the tuner to the pc.

: : : : I have obtained two mini jack to two phono leads and have connected the input and output from the sound card to the tape connections on the pc. I have no tape deck

: : : : I use the aux/tape control on the front of the amp to connect to my cd player. I have no tape control on the front of the amp, despite having a tape connection on the back.

: : : : At the moment I can't make the link between the pc and the amp. Can anyone advise

: : : : I have an amp, a tuner, a record deck, and a cd player connected. The only spare connectios are to the tape. But remember, I have no tape control on the front, only tape/aux which I use for my CD player

: : : : Thanks

: : : : A

: : Thanks for the response,

: : Yes, I do have a tape monitor switch. But when I switched it on I still did not get any output.

: : From the soundcard - The output is connected to tape (play). The input(from pc) to tape (rec).

: : I didn't understand the tape in (rear) to speaker output that you mention.
: : I have a set of connectors on the back of the amp that produce output to the speakers.

: : I presume that when I use tape monitor that this overrides the control knob on the front of the amp to aux and phono, etc.

: : The hi fi system works well with the tuner and cdplayer.

: : Any idea what I need to do to get output from my pc to play through the hi fi speakers. And for my pc to be able to record from the tuner and cddrive

: : thanks

: : A

: One thing I forgot to mention.

: The connection cables on the back of my amp are colour coded red and white.

: But the cables that I bought from a hi fi shop to connect my pc to my amp are colour coded red and black. I have put the red in the usual lower position and the black at the top.

: Should this be alright.

: A

: PS. what is the significance of the red, white, black colours

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