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Posted by Cameron on December 14, 2002 at 02:03:34:

In Reply to: Re: Sansui Q-3535 posted by Isao Asakura on December 10, 2002 at 13:29:59:


I have the digital camera with me this weekend from work, so I will take a few pictures for you.
But I won't be able to send them until Monday (from work). I don't have any-way to download the camera here at home, plus my dial-up is way too slow. The B-209 amp on your site is a nice looking amp! Mine isn't nearly as pretty, but, as long as it sounds nice, I will happy. I'll email you on Monday. Still haven't had any luck on finding more info. The Yahoo site's club had a member that confirmed 1958, and he thought it was made at the factory in Mitaka. Other than that, I have learned nothing new... the search goes on...


PS; as a kid, I was given a Harmon Kardon HK A-250, tube amp. It had 6L6GC (x4) on the outputs, 12AX7s (as I recal) for drivers. I used it for a few years, and when the caps started leaking, threw it away! I was in school, and we had just moved from tubes to solid-state. I figured "tubes were dead"...I have been kicking myself ever since! I am hoping to correct my past foolish mistake with this amp.

: Dear Cameron:

: You are very welcome. I'd like to feature tube gear on this site, so if you kindly send me pictures of Q-3535, I'm glad to post them on this site.

: Isao

: P.S. When I was a kid, EL34 was one of my dream tubes I wanted to have, others were like KT-88, 2A3, 6L6-GC etc.

: : Thank you Isao.
: : Any other information you can find would be appreciated. I can take a digital photo if someone would like one. It is in very nice shape.

: : At any rate, thanks for looking!

: : Cameron

: : : Yes, indeed, there was Q-3535 introduced in 1958. I believe I saw a picture of it on the older Sansui web site. I have a memo that says 35W output. Unfortunately, that is all information I have. I will keep looking for the information.

: : : Isao

: : : : Has anyone ever heard of a Sansui Q-3535?
: : : : I think it's from around 1961. It has EL34 for outputs and 12AU7s for pre. Anyone got any info?? A schematic?

: : : : Thanks!!

: : : : Cameron

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