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Posted by Isao Asakura on December 12, 2002 at 07:54:53:

In Reply to: Re: A-60, A-910 posted by Beat;eFred on December 10, 2002 at 17:59:49:

Dear Fred:
You have a very interesting point on logo issue. I have two AU-X701s, one is with old logo and one is with new logo. Serial number of the first one is 617021664 and that of the second one is 438090867. Well, this did not click to me before, but now you brought me an answer for one of my daunting questions. Does AU-X701 and AU-X901 match to AU-Alpha907 or AU-Alpha907i Series since both are very similar? Only difference in appearance between those models is logos. Internally, i Series used six layered volume control and better voltage regulation on the control amp section. So, I guessed that AU-X901 Series belong to AU-Alpha907i, but now the answer might be AU-X901 was AU-Alpha707 instead of AU-Alpha707i, so as AU-X701. AU-X701 should be AU-Alpha607 instead of AU-Alpha607i. Sansui introduced i Series after they changed their logo, but they might not have been bothered to change the international model. They just changed the logo! My next investigation is to compare the difference between two AU-X701s. If they are internally same, my theory is correct.

By the way, go to, the logo on this 1999 tube classic is old one!


: Hello Isao:

: Well, as far as the logo goes, I certainly prefer the classic style of the older one. I dont like the replacement at all. In going through my collection of hi fi mags and the Sansui ads in them, I can date the changeover in the logo to approximately September 1987. Interestingly though, I just received a German Stereo magazine which reviews the C-2102 & B-2102 and the mag is dated January 1989. The logo on these two models is still the old style. I believe there may have been some other models that retained the old logo also.

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