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Re: Resistance value Receiver 5050

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Posted by Manuel Pino on April 14, 2004 at 09:37:54:

In Reply to: Re: Resistance value Receiver 5050 posted by Sten on April 14, 2004 at 02:38:04:

Hi Sten and everyone:

Thanks for your answer, but I am sure about R613 and also I can see in my burned resistance the color Brown or red in the first line and black in the second, it seems that the 2 resistances are the same value, As I said they are located on the horizontal circuit board with the audio power out and very near the fuses, they are in the line of the complete wave 34-0-34 AC from the trafo and they go through this 2 resistances directly to the rectifiers diodes in the vertical rectifier card. I had to change also the rectifier diodes and 1 swithching transistor, so now the receiver is working if I shunt the resistances, but I really would like to put the real values because I'm sure they are a kind of protectors.
I'd like to get the service manual, but now I am worried they won't match my equipment. Maybe they have different numbers, they are very clear printed in the circuit board. Could you check again please? Thanks for your help in advance.

A Sansui fan.

: R612 = 180 ohms 2W
: R613 ?? Are you sure
: R618 = 150 ohms 2W

: If you get the Service Manual you can also found out why those resistors are burned.

: Visit http://www.obsinc.us/Dep_VOVS_Literatures.htm

: : Hi there:

: : Could someone please tell me which are the values of this resistances, R612, R613 ? They are burned in my receiver Sansui 5050 and I am not able to see the color code. They are a resistances protector for the switching circuit for the rele of the speakers.
: : When you open the top cover case of the receiver, they are located together in line, near the fuses. If somebody have the schematic will be easier, Thanks in advance for your help.


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