Sansui HF-v60 and HF-v100 help please

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Posted by rodney on March 20, 2003 at 14:51:04:


I have a Snasui HF-v60 and HF-v100 sitting on my bench and was wonderring if anyone out there has had experience working on these units. My girfriend is on my case to downsize my junk, and I wanted to save some cool stuff for future projects.

The Sansui HF-v60 is a P-P 6V6 amp with a rather large output transformer, a 6SN7 AF amp/ phase splitter and 6SN7 drivers. Pretty straight foward circuit using a common cathode resistor to set the 6V6's bias.

The HF-v100 is a little more interesting. This is a 6L6 amp with seperate rectifier tubes and choke filters for B+ and the 6L6 screens. This amp uses some goofy (from an amplifier perspective) tubes in the front end, a 6AU6A driver and a 6AR5 phase splitter. I am totally unfamiliar with these tubes as used in this amp. I know about 6AU6's from tuners and 6AR5's as power tubes, but have never seen this combo used as a driver and phase splitter. The bias circuit is as above. One interesting thing is that this amp has a seperate 6.3V 3A tap for an off board preamp. One idea I had was to use this to supply the 6l6's filaments giving me enough juice to run KT66's.

The HF-v100 has really high build quality, better than Grommes and 50's Fisher, but a little shy of 50's McIntosh, not at all like the Sansui integrateds I have owned. Both appear to be worth restoring, but any comments would be appreciated.


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