CD-x711 Known Issues

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Posted by Billy Bob on February 29, 2004 at 07:13:49:

I have done extensive searching on my CD player, the CD-X711, and found that more then once people complained of the same problem I have been aving with mine - the drawer is slowing down and sometimes sticking, and the spindle/laser assembly does not completly finish its upward motion to lift the cd off the tray, and do its thing. Yesterday I got mad at it, I had to gently move the unit upward at loading time to engage the cd into play. I completly dismantled the face of the unit - unreal build structure the whole way through, Comepletly separate underplate with solid feet attached, looks like vibration absorbtion is high on the list in this one. The drive mechanism itself upon examination looked like it oculd have been done better. perhaps with gears, and not belts. I understand that the belts probably provide the original "somothness" of operation this player once incorporated, but the unit does get hot, there are two transformers inside, huge d/a circuitsand power supply filter capacitors and honkin transistors with cute little heatsinks stapled to them creating heat - so my belts look warped. and when watching the drawer try to open with the unit in the complete "war-torn" state- the belts are slipping on the motor spindles. The motors themselves are mabuchi rf-500t 12580's. renowned hobby motors. so available Im pretty sure, but doubtfull its the power of the motor in question when I saw the visible state of the belts. You can see depressions in the belts, and they are not tight. i did not dare try to check for elastic properties as I have no immediate replacement yet, So I dont want what happened to my cassette deck to happen to my disc player to, haha. My concern now is the availability of these belts. Ive read all the posts on the cd-x711 in here and no mention of a source for parts cept perhaps Sansui of India, which doesnt know Tuesday from Berlin on the GOOD Sansui gear. The audio and procession components of the CD-X711 look amazing. Mash chip, Sony control chips, Looks like two separate d/a boards both appear to have an identical component layout < assumably for l/r processing > The quality of the face construction was unreal, i completly polished mine up when I had it apart, and removed the titatium colored drawer lip for polishing too. lustrious piano black. I can hear analog relays engage and disengage when the CD track is being selected, sounds like the audio is switched off for track seek - then engaged as soon as the track is found with an audible " TICK " Very classy. Thing weighs in at like 10 Kilos and the bulk of the weight seems to be the chassis. The face IS solid metal, the piano finish is definatly paint, i can see the metal separate from brushed to gloss halfway up the face. buttons were solidly attached to the inside of the face and did not even bump during cleaning. I was able to qtip all buttons carefully without detaching any of the glue - perhaps tho this is an age thing. Certainly is not a heat thing - as stated above. Im just mad about those belts, and thats the only thing standing in my way of enjoying my beautiful cdplayer again. Anyone know where to find these belts? I dont have the part number. But i have rulers and good descriptions. Haha.

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