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Posted by Erden on February 07, 2004 at 09:27:59:

In Reply to: eBay Item 3075802245, AU-AL907MRX posted by Isao Asakura on February 06, 2004 at 11:41:20:

Hi Isao, and all others there.

I just saw the posts above, and I decided to contribute in clarifying the story about AU-AL907MRX, since there seems to be lot of quesions (or misunderstanding?) about Sansui amps from 1990's.
1. Im living in Europe, and although I have model AU-X701 (1989.), I'm trying to find some of the recent models of Sansui amps, and for that reason I frequently checked all ebay "national" webs in Europe.
2. Referring to the Isao's trustworthy informations and huge knowledge about Sansui, I really was wondered when I saw that during the last week on UK ebay site a true AU-Al907MRX was offered, and sold for some 620 GBP (auction ended Jan. 31th at 20:40:01 GMT). I contacted the seller during auction concerning the eventual need for step-down transformer (Japan models are 100V/50/60 Hz and here we have 220-240V/50-60Hz), and he wrote to me that's no need of step down, since the amp IS for EU/UK mains supply. I couldn't beleave!
3. This imply that some of the 907MR(X) probably were imported in Europe or exclusively in UK, or something is wrong? But imported when?
According to, *07MR amplifiers where introduced 1995, and the seller of the 907MRX wrote that his amp is "...4 years old and still have 1 years original manufacturer warranty left...." How it can be? This means that 907MRX was produced 1999 or 2000, and we (all here) knows that from 1998. the models have called 907NRA. I was, and I'm still deeply confused.
4. The picture on the can be recognized and it is not the same amp from UK (it is LTD edition, as stated). However, the whole text describing the item is actually the same as on the UK ebay (copyied and modified).
However, on the UK pics were clearly visible the letters 907 MRX (unfortunatelly I downloaded the picture only of the right side of the amp (I can send if interested) but I clearly remember that where MRX on others)

So, it will be very interesting to hear what you think about all this.

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