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Posted by John V. Medeiros on January 23, 2004 at 08:42:13:

In Reply to: Re: SE-7 Equalizer posted by John V. Medeiros on January 22, 2004 at 23:24:39:

: : Would anyone happen to have a copy of the manual for a SE-7 Equalizer? I'm not sure exactly how to hook it up to my G-9700 and/or my Sansui eight. I never used it and would like to hear how it sounds, but am afraid I'll hook it up wrong and damage something. Thanks....

: I am using my operating instructions off of my G-8000, and it descibes in detail on how to hook up rca connecting cables from a source (tape deck) to the receiver!
: The cource should be a cassette deck and your G-9700! Then locate the tape inputs off of the receiver(s): remember that one color means left and one means right (normally "red" is "left", and "white" is "right"), and that all cables from the receiver, regardless of what their hooked up too, (turntable, tuner, tape deck, RtR, reverbs, etc) should be hooked the same, red to left and white to right, or whatever! WARNING: do not, and repeat DO NOT cross wire, red to whites location, and white to red's location...very bad misshaps here, it could cook your system completely.
: Okay, lets start...with that in mind, take one pair of rca cables, and hook one pair from the OUTPUT on the receiver (for recording) to the INPUT on the tape unit. The other pair will the be connected to the INPUT (for playback) on the receiver to the OUTPUT on the tape deck.
: That's all it takes.

Use the same hookup procedures above for your equalizier. My equalizier is a SE-8X has two tape connecting units (tape-1 and tape-2).
The input connections off of the equalizier, connects to your G-9700's tape-1 output;
and the output connections off of the equalizier
connects to your G-9700's tape-1 input.
That way you can connect a tape source to the equalizier's tape-1 input/output, and be able to check the equalizier's full capability.
Have fun.

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