RE: 7500X's Huh? Attn. B.F.

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Posted by Serge Stone on January 15, 2004 at 18:17:48:

To Y'all,
Regarding my quest for help. Speakers doing fine, doctor bagged. It is my own stupidity I admit. They[the midranges] had been disabled, [I know why, but later], so I got down to it and pulled them out, tested them, they were fine but not connected, duh. Beatle Fred, {awesome system by the way I hope you get to turn it up (when necessary) in N.Y.), you strike me as someone who gives good advice, keep it up lad because the old stuff is great. Unfortunately I don't have a Sansui system though have heard and admired many. but I do love music and I thingk a great deal of all the pages out there keeping things alive. My modest system is a KA8004 amp, KT6005, and primarily a 30 yr old Fisher Pro-logic deck. Talk about low budget. I salvaged a pair of C Ditton 25s from a garbage truck and replaced the offending mids with remote Alpine 110wt car speakers in boxes after plugging the holes. Sounds great and drives people to dance, but any way. So about the speakers... Bealtle Fred, I agree about the tendancy of boxy sound out of some of the smaller S speakers put out in the 70's. Lots of people were doing it, they wanted crushing basses and take you there highs. I find that now that they are running to be lacking the warmth of even my blown and retired 301s (small place ya know). Maybe it is that I'm running them on too little power, an old [eek] Yamaha system [in the house]AX430, but even with an extra 20wts from the eqalizer it doesn't improve a whole lot, they still seem to lack fullness and they sucked the life out of the Yam. In a big room I would add a sub woofer to keep the highs down a bit or a set of Infinities or ASR's etc, don't know, least not 'till you hear it. I plan to keep these orphins anyway for a while unless someone out there has a set of old 301s they want to trade or something (small place), feel free to e-mail me in regards. As for my loud vintage stuff, it lives in my shop/studio where I can bug the neighbours at leisure as I carve. I am lucky where I am on Saltspring Is. cause I can play all my favorites, just about everything (grew up with the Beatles etc.), and everyone (within a mile) either likes it or doesn't give a hoot. Now that I have these running I would still sile to hear from anyone who either knows about them, had aset, or what; I don't really want to hurt them. So any info would be great. Good site, Good night, Serge S.

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