a-1100's and the like :)

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Posted by Richie Rich and the Funky Bunch on December 24, 2003 at 17:41:05:

In Reply to: A-1100 posted by Bill on December 21, 2003 at 13:21:30:

It is most certainly not useless, You can still use all the other components without the controlling amplifier, you are just not able to make the automatic functions work, I Have seen a-1100's on ebay before, and they have sold for fairly cheap, so dont give up, and keep the rest of the system! Perhaps you may be able to have the unit repaired in a shop if the problem is not to deep. I would think another unit from this lineup would also serve this purpose. If memory serves, my father has a system of this genre as well, i cant QUITE remember if it was the 1100, or the 1200 he had/has. the series you have are the 85-86 white label models.. Ya know, I assume they stamped the White label back on the faces because they realized the flashy green " NEON, SUPER COMPUTER 80's " style wasnt getting them anywhere.. and then shortly after that, compucrap faded... Its reallynot THAT hard to hitplay ;) hehehe. BUT! I have seen TONS of these models on ebay in the last while, a series, white label, Odd but the amps all look like they have an altimeter on the front with that gradual grey blue backlit panel. lol... knobless all the way for those series.. All buttons, sliders, you know - things from the FUTURE. lol.. Because the audio of the 70s was still in WAY to good of shape for people to run out and buy all new stuff, I guess the new stuff had to " make life easier" to get us in the stores... I think Poly Peck may have been on the right track tho with trying to bring it back, From what Ive played with ,the EARLY single lettered models a-710 and the 1983/1984 are alot junkier then the later single letter series with the white label. Honestly, I feel bad. They shoulda kept their eye on what was happening in the market at the time with highly respected gear < at least the LOOK of it > Yamaha, etc. No neon colours, nice black, which is where they ended up by the end of the 80's anyways.. Looks likemabey Poly Peck was interested in making this company hit bigtime, put money back into re-releasing old models " au-g77x TWO " heh, trying to save the name, while recognizing Sansui did at one time have something to offer. After that I think it really wen to the dogs, The story says some Hong Kong company took over after that, and, < of course this is all obcessive speculation :> it seems like they < Sansui> was left to be "in charge" of itself again, releaseing decent products for their high end. I do know that they still made receviers for a while the RZ x500 series wasnt TO bad. But most after that it seems no one cared. And of course the rep was so damaged by all the instability by that time, they were destined for failure. India seems to picking up where we left them off, But I still wish I could win the lotto, Give them some $ and RIP that title deed outta their hands. Bring back the old logo, well, perhaps not even the 70s logo black and silver, I prefer the 84-86'er logo, Gold lettering over black rectangle. Just so classy looking.. God this 'illness' bites bad eh?

Any other thoughts on this? Lets conspire! :)

: I have a complete compu select system that has served me well since the early 80s. Recently the preamp/selector unit stopped working. I am trying to locate another unit # A-1100 and am having no luck. It seems that since Sansui made all of the components to work together that the entire system is pretty much useless without the A-1100.

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