Re: How does Compu Selector work?

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Posted by Rich on October 27, 2003 at 16:10:16:

In Reply to: Re: How does Compu Selector work? posted by Sten on October 27, 2003 at 12:37:07:

My dad has compu selector on his sansui system < mid 80s> depending on the year of release, the compu selectors did different things, Hit TAPE on the amp, and the tape A < of a dual deck > or the tape deck starts playing right away. same with the phono. with CompuEDIT/compu selector will pause the cassette tape from recording when the record on a compuedit turntable is over. then you flip the record, and resume recording. One series < i have the RS-100 for > is part of the system in that you plug the RS-100 < via 1/4"jack > in the amplifier, the amp is connected to the tuner, so now i can scroll thru my tuner presets with the remote. also, you can change " programs" of your casette deck, which is in others words auto reverse , with this system too. it was made for ease, my opinion is that this 'innovation' came at the cost of constructive product design, and proper advertising. They should have scrapped the compucrap and made a decent machine. But i suppose philosphy at the time was that everyone who HAD stereos bought them in the 70s, and STILL have them, so companies had to apeal to younger people, which in the 80s these people were wanting buttons, digital looking lights, components that " DID " something. Sansui responded to im SURE what they thought would be a good market, Only, the products died sooner then most, and people got choked! Man to have a time machine eh? drop a few emails into HQ, " PSST! SCREW THE COMPU%#$@ " :)

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