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Posted by arnfinn on October 22, 2003 at 13:11:58:

In Reply to: Re: sansui au-x 711 posted by bob adams on October 21, 2003 at 18:06:43:

i tryed that with the pot that i replaced in my oldest sansui..but there are a type of sillicon or grease inside of the pots..i don`t actually now remember how many decks there was at the volume pot..but maybe around 6-8..or something like that.

if i clean the pot wit contact fluid-wich are very often used in repair service-the sillicone or grease will float inside of the pot..and the result is a totally damaged potmeter.because the grease-or sillicone will not go off the contact surfaces inside of the potmeter..
the grease(or sillicone)are used to make the potmeter "heavy"to turn..makes it more"expensive"
and it is a bad solution sansui took in use there.because when years passing the grease(or sillicone)will some how float around a little inside of the potmeter during the heat that the amplifier causes when in use..that is the main reason of the static noice that can be heard when turning the vol pot.
i have repaired radioequipment for about 15 well as i am a licenced i know from earlyer problems with potmeters that the only solution is to replace with a new one..but it seems like i maybe have luck-perhaps i get two potmeters here in norway..we had a special repair shop here-but since sansui isn`t any longer sold here in norway-the special repair shop stopped importing parts from bad!but i am still interested in adresses to stores or repair shops around the world that maybe carry parts for the 711 series..
i have concidered selling both 711..if i do not,maybe i will bypass the volume potmeters and use the amplifiers as regular power amps..that is possible.i have the service manual,so it shoudn`t be any problem.
i have to use a pre amplifier-or only a passive volume controller-wich i allready have..a yamaha mvs-1.. in series with the 711`s..but that is the last solution i will use..the sound of the 711 is outstanding..i use them in bi wiring/bi amping.balanced together with my cd-x 711 as well as regular with preamp and a digital denon da converter and also a pioneer digital equalizer..and the sound is-BEAUTIFUL!
speakers..they are a chapter for them selfe..not made by my selfe..

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