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Posted by John on October 17, 2003 at 02:28:50:

In Reply to: Re: buing a AU-7900 posted by hans on September 18, 2003 at 12:55:34:

I have a AU-7500 It's worked every day since new, never failed. I love it and it's looks. I would decribe the sound a bright and clean but smooth. I drive a pair of 12"Tannoys Monitor Golds and a pair of ProAc 80w shelf speakers. I'm after a 4 channel adapter amp of the type or match. Can anyone help or advice, please.

: : : I can buy a AU-7900 for app. 190 euro.
: : : : As former AU-317 owner has it the same warm clean sound? Speakers: Yamaha NS690II.
: : : : This amp. should be in top condition according the seller. Is it worth that price? Has it also that famous reputation as the AU-317 or the AU-7500? Or is even beter?
: : : : What are the weakspots, how can I test, see or hear it?

: : :
: : : My first vintage Sansui was a AU-7900 bought off Ebay several years ago. I got it super cheap (spent more on shipping than on the amp) because it had been in a building that had burned down!?! When it arrived two things struck me, it was very heavy and the seller wasn't lying about the fire. With some knobs missing and various other cosmetic blemishes, the damn thing was so ugly I had to hide it in a cabinet. Internally the boards showed smoke and possibly heat damage. There was not a lot of hope it would play.

: : : Surprise. Not only did it play, but it sounded fantastic. There should be no doubt about the amps toughness.

: : : The sound is powerful yet controlled. It has a large transformer, two huge supply capacitors and 8 (4 per channel) of the old metal To-3 power transistors. No matter what kind of music played the amp seemed never to strain playing it.

: : : Never heard the AU-7500 although if I remember correctly it was a 50 or 65 watt per channel amp. The AU-7900 is 75 per channel.

: : : I have a AU-717 that is in the same family as your AU-317. The AU-717 has a much more aggressive sound than the AU-7900. Faster, stronger and with an attack to the sound that is hard to argue against. The AU-7900 has a more seductive sound that seems to gather its force before hitting hard. A velvet hammer sound.

: : : Weak spots? Hard to say. Any vintage amp can be problematic. Sansui's had a protection circuit which would prevent the amp from engaging its relay switch if it sensed any problem. The causes could be simple or complex. Most competent technicians praise Sansui's for their ruggedness, high-grade internals and admire their design.

: : : Cannot advise on the purchase. I can say a fully working AU-7900 is a damn fine amp.

: Thanks for your respond, in the mean time I did bought this amplifier and I'm very happy with it. It has indeed a have great sound, even when playing hard, the bass stay warm and clear. Even on my little Tannoy's. For the first time in eight years I heard that depth of the sound again.
: Next step is to repair my old Yamaha speakers.

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