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AU-70 (1964)

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Sansui's popular tube stereo integrated amplifier.  This is a little brother of the ultimate AU-111; however, this amplifier would remind you how output transformers are important for tube amplifiers.  Even the most powerful transistor amplifiers might not be able to match the power of sound of this model at the given level of output.  If you listen to the Beatles on this amp, you would not go back to transistor amps again.


Main Specifications:

Vacuum Tubes: 7189 x 4, 6AN8 x 2, 12AX7 x 3

Maximum Output: 25W + 25W - 50W total

Harmonic Distortion: Max. 0.15% at 20W for 1kc, Max. 0.95% at 20W for 30cps

Intermodulation: Max. 0.85% at 20W, 50cps + 5.5 kc

Frequency Response: +1-1dB, 10-80,000 cps



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